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Back to reality... The holiday is over, and we have to settle back into work...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Warnings about Bird Flu

In Hong Kong we came across this little fella amongst the warning signs about Bird Flu. Strangely enough this was in the Bird Market. He was happy to pose for photos as long as we didn't interrupt his escape bid.

Cockatoo in HK Bird Market

More Vaticano

Been busy with Tangomania and setting up Meg's new laptop, and the wireless connection throughout the house, hence have neglected the blog. But I should now finish off my Vatican Museums pictures...

There were a couple of interesting doors at the Vatican Museum. It's funny that we got to see them, because it was shut when we arrived (came back the next day though - so all was well!).

This is the main entrance:

Vatican Museum Door

Some random door along the road leading to the main entrance:

Vatican Museums Bronze Door

Vatican Museum Bronze Door

More Vaticano

Been busy with Tangomania and setting up Meg's new laptop, and the wireless connection throughout the house, hence have neglected the blog. But I should now finish off my Vatican Museums pictures...

There were a couple of interesting doors at the Vatican Museum. It's funny that we got to see them, because it was shut when we arrived (came back the next day though - so all was well!).

This is the main entrance:

Vatican Museum Door

Some random door along the road leading to the main entrance:

Vatican Museums Bronze Door

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Vatican Museums

The famous Vatican Museums have a very cool stair well... I just wish they would remove the top of that persons head :(

Vatican Museums - Stairwell

La Boca

La Boca, apart from being famous as the home of La Boca Juniors (Maradonna's old club) has a colourful little district area called Caminito. Bit of a tourist trap really... But everyone goes there none the less.

Caminito District La Boca

Tango Hardcores

This is us in a group on the last night of CITA. Photo taken by Adrian Veredice of Adrian y Alejandra... thanks Adrian.

Ben(jamin), Megan, Tiziana and Mark

Los Reyes del Tango

As already mentioned previously, this band was amazing. Unfortunately I didn't get too many worthwhile shots of them (goes in general for Buenos Aires also... pity). This one is cropped as their stag layout was pretty haphazard and there was little I could do to enforce that first rule of photography - keeping it simple. Or is that the second rule?

Los Reyes del Tango Bandoneonisto

Sebastian Arce y Mariana Montes

OK, I can't be bothered doing what I'm meant to be doing now, so here's another picture. This couple is Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes. Both lovely people and exceptional dancers. His musicality is simply amazing, her strength, flexibility and grace is outstanding. This was an interesting performance, mostly close embrace with little sign of their nuevo prowess. Certainly an example of their versatility.

Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I changed it...

Couldn't be bothered with formatting the pictures to fit the blog (some may have noticed the overhang)... then couldn't be bothered changing the blog template by hand to cope with the pictures... This was next next best thing... not as pretty I must say. The orange bit across the top kinda reminds me of easyJet in the UK. blergh.

Before I archive it I will endeavour to fix it.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Tiz the Ripper

Sometimes low lighting can work in your favour. Tiz is actually holding a knife, but being on the outside of the image it was moving fast over the camera's CCD and hence is blurred beyond recognition. Thanks for the inspiration for this photo dave...

Tiz in Stabbing Mode

Nice Ending

This couple is Damian Rosenthal and Celine Ruiz. Celine stepped in for Eugenia when she didn't perform at the CITA theatre show. Anyway, I liked their finish and it was right in front of me, and they held it long enough to get a relatively blur free capture.

Damian and Celine

More Chicho

OK, so the grainy behaviour of the ISO1600 setting is clear in these images... but still there's nostalgia in the potential fact (!!) that this is their last performance together...

Chicho and Eugenia

Chicho and Eugenia

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


With no flashes allowed, this photo was a real test of my miserable photography skills... still I like it. This could well be one of the last ever photos of the famous couple Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli and Eugenia Parrilla. We all left with the feeling that they were done. It was a passionate performance though, despite a few slips on the tricky floor, it was amazing to see up close and personal (I was zoomed right out for this one).

Chicho Frumboli

This is the End

I think that was Jim Morrison that said that...?

Anyways, Meg has already mentioned that it's all done and dusted. I spent a few hours in at work clearing out a backlog of emails and doing the catch up walk around, now I need to pull my end of the bargain along back here at home and get things up and running again.

No major dramas in Auckland. Never been to NZ before, so it was nice to see it, but Auckland really is just another city and we were not armed with any tourist information. Didn't matter for 2 reasons:

1. The weather sucked... Topical cyclone what's his name that flattened Innisfail (spelling probably wrong) dropped into the north island while we were there.

2. The whole point was to catch up with Meg's sis and bro in law. It was fun to catch up and vegetate over coffee, chai lattes and beer .... and wine ... and a bloody big bowl of mussels... and all the other stuff we ate (including a big snapper landed by our hosts themselves).

Besides veging out I was the lucky recipient of a personal brewery tour of the Auckland Lion Nathan brewery, as arranged by Andy (pulled a few strings he did). It was pretty cool (and hot by the kettles) to see a full scale brewery under full steam, being guided by the big guns. One of the guys was also the "microbrewer" who does little 40 litre batches to test out new hop and yeast varieties... Just a perfect size to bottle up a few to take home after the taste tests one would assume...

So now it's back to reality - something I'm not really fond of at the moment. And managing the aftermath of the insurance claims for lost luggage and robbery. Dang theif made a call on Meg's cell phone for 13 minutes and it came up to 70 bucks. Bastards.

I think we should shift right back into Adelaide sleeping patterns OK, the up at 1pm and in bed after 4am regime seemed to allow us to settle into NZ.

Ummmm.... that's really about all. I'm not going to write much more, but I do plan on sticking up a few photos before I archive this thing as my diary (as I got a bit lazy on that handwritten deal).

Thanks to all those who read and commented, we had stacks of people checking the site... yay!

Blog Signoff

That's it, we're back in Adelaide.
Got up at 2:30am this morning in Auckland to get to our flight...Andy and Midori were crazy enough to get up to wave us goodbye! Had a relaxed couple of days hanging out with them in NZ, nice to see where they live and the places they are hanging out in. Managed to bypass the Krispy Kreme stand in the Sydney airport.
So, am back around the corner from the central markets....wandered over to look at the fresh weird green stuff apparently known as vegetable matter, and have begun to wade through the mail (bills), the emails, the washing and other tasks. Lovely to hear from friends and family, reassuring to be back amongst our 'stuff' and disconcerting to think about the alarm going off tomorrow morning for work!
Now I can start planning for the next adventure....
Thanks for coming travelling with us through the blog.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Cheap Clothes...

Only just realised how cheap the clothes are here... I had to replace a few more laundered items... Brand names like puma nike etc., sell their t´s for about 20 australian dollars, back home the equivalent stuff is 50 to 100. Don´t understand.


Mark and I finally jumped and tried the mixed parrilla.... Guts and all.

Mark had it in a word: POSION

Kidney´s have a text that is not unlike meat, but they taste like chemicals. Gross.

Hanging with Sebastian

Again, I can´t reiterate how great some of the people in the tango world have been to us. Yesterday, Mark and I spent an hour in a tango music shop getting an experts opinion in all of the works from all of the orchestras from Sebastian Arce. He´s only in Buenos Aires (his old home) for a month or so per year and he happily spent this time sharing his great depth of knowledge with us.

I return to Australia with 26 tango CDs not already in the extensive Siempre Tango collection, with not much time to study them before my next DJ gig.

Parillas, Practicas and Packing

Final few hours in Buenos Aires.
Really enjoyed the last few days in Palermo, a completely different part of the city with lovely parks, great cafes....and shops.
The divide between the haves and have-nots here is extremely sad. Watching people at 4am going through the rubbish on the side of the road to pick out the cardboard to sell for recycling, or the guys on the subway trying to sell stickers or aspiring...or the kids on the streets hocking sad bunches of flowers at 5am.
Heading out for dinner tonight with Mark and Tiz, they have been great company the last two weeks. Going back to a great parilla. We went to a practica last night run by Chico and Sebastian - again, just happy to watch people who really know what they're doing! We did have a go at some of the our self-named beginners corner.
Feels kinda crazy to think that 6 weeks is coming to an end. Looking forward to seeing Andy and Midori in Auckland on Saturday, and to giving my feet a rest for a few days.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Tub

I almost ater a quater kilo tub of ice cream on my own (small amount of help from Meg).

Is that bad?

Battling the Plague

I´ve not had much luck with illness on this trip. I´ve been just fending off a cold for 3 weeks - hit me big time last night so I had to bail on the milongas... The smoke and late nights were replaced by 13 hours of sleep and litres and litres of water (oh yeah and some 3000mg of vitamin C and the odd hit of pseudoephedrine)

Smokey internet cafe´s not doing much good tho...

Moved to Palermo

Due to some confusion with our booking, we had to move out of our San Telmo guest house to an apartment in the suburb of Palermo. I now have an entirely different feeling of BsAs. Not as polluted, much cleaner, greener, quieter, and ...well.. nicer.

The apartment itself, however is a disaster. Not only was it not clean when we arrived (the previous tenant was clearly a slob... floor was barely visible through the sh!t they´d left behind), but it certainly wasn´t as advertised to us by the guest house. We´re not sure if that´s just our perception of what´s nice and appropriate and that this is common or if we were sold a dud, but anyway we´re only there for 2 more nights...

My top five greivances with the apartment

5. The window rattling when it´s closed (so we have to sleep with it open, luckily it´s quiet in this neighbourhood)
4. The door rattling when it´s closed
3. The shower filling up like a bath
2. The bed feels like sleeping on a matress of sand

... but most of all...

1. The bathroom floored with carpet and the cistern leaking so the carpet is permanently wet... Well I´m telling myself it´s the cistern and not something else... Of and there is also the soap holder with drainage holes that empty straight onto the carpet...

Carpet in a bathroom????

Sharing Their Passion

I´ve already mention that Adrian and Alejandra have been exceedingly generous in various ways with Meg and I. Today we had the pleasure of spending about 3 hours with Sebastian Arce. It all began when he gave Tiz and Mark the wrong address for a practica and he felt guilty and offered us all a private lesson. He normally does not do privates in Buenos Aires and prefers people to study with the local teachers (he is now living in Paris).

Before the and after the lesson he spent a long time chatting with us over coffee, interesting in hearing about Australia, but more importantly for us, sharing his extensive knowledge of Tango. It´s clear it´s his passion, he lives it, always reading books, listening to music (all types, old and modern), and studying bio mechanics to help him discover new movements in the dance.

The lesson itself was another back to basics, but gave us 2 new ways of dancing the same stuff we´ve been doing for years... more information to integrate and understand, but I can´t help feeling once it happens I will always look back on that lesson as one of the most significant moments in tango for me.

It´s hard to imagine a footballer or rock star sitting down with a fan and chewing the fat. These people are treated like rock stars in the tango community, some of them live that lifestyle, behave that way too, but others like Sebastian are very down to earth.